Palladium Books Inc.

Palladium is a company that creates role-playing games. Among my favorites from this company are Heroes Unlimited, Palladium Fantasy RPG, and Beyond the Supernatural.

Dolphineous' Guide to the Megaverse

In the summer of 1996, I got a crazy idea that maybe I could write a Role Playing Game Suppliment. I submitted my idea to Palladium Books in September 1996, and waited. And waited.

In March of 1997, I came home to my room in residence at Lakehead University and saw that there was a message on my answering machine. I almost fell over when I discovered that it was Kevin Siembieda, owner of Palladium Books! He called again and we talked about my proposal, entitled Dolphineous' Guide to the Megaverse. He liked both the manuscript and my writing style. So he sent me a contract, and I began to work on my first published work.

In August 1997, I submitted my completed manuscript. All that was left was to wait. A portion of the book was printed in another book entitled Federation of Magic(R). So far, Dolphineous is still awaiting printing....

UPDATE: 31/03/2003

The site has been getting more hits lately, so I thought I should post an update. Palladium went through an infrastructure change, and I think my manuscript fell through the cracks. Oh well, at least I got paid, right?

UPDATE: 24/06/2000

Well, a year and a half later, and the book is still on the shelf. No sign of The Nursery either, although things look more hopeful for it than Dolphineous at this point.

UPDATE: 28/11/1998

Latest word is that "Dolphineous" is slated for Spring 1999, so I'm guessing late summer 1999. In related news, I've submitted a batch of characters for one of Palladium's upcoming Heroes Unlimited supplements, The Nursery. If they use them, I'll let you know.

UPDATE: 29/08/1998

Well, last I heard from Palladium Books, it doesn't look like the book will be out until Christmas, if not later. It was originally slated for Summer 1998, but it looks like Palladium is scheduled full-time until October, and Dolphineous' isn't anywhere in that schedule. To see what *IS* on their schedule, check out their latest press release at their website:

Meanwhile, I've started on a second book for the Heroes Unlimited(R) line. The working title is Robots & Remnants, but I may change it. The book will be a lot darker and sinister than the last one. Hopefully, it will be a lot more story-related and less statistical than the last one. I've put in on the shelf for now, but I hope to start work on it again very soon. Here is the introduction, to give you a sneak peek at what is in store:

"In the beginning, there was Darkness. From the Darkness, the Minions of Evil came forth to do their masters' bidding. But soon, it became apparent that the Chosen required sustenance, that they might become strong and overthrow their rivals. And so the Dark Lords created Mortals to feed their children's hunger. But the Dark Lords underestimated the power of their newest creations, and the Mortals' cries and pleas reached through the Darkness and beyond, into the realm of the accursed Light. Champions of Life found the Mortals, and forced Light into our world. With Light, the Mortals rose above their station and sought ways to destroy us. The Powers of Good granted them their own magicks, and they soon learned to harness the elements, such as silver, wood, and cold iron, and transform them into weapons of our destruction. The hunted became the hunters, and soon, the forces of Darkness were forced to retreat from the world that was once their own.

Eons have passed, and the struggle continues. Now, the Creatures of the Night are poised to emerge as the dominant force in the World once more. The Mortals have trivialized our nature through their stories and their media. They imitate us in art and in fashion. They worship us, and style themselves after their image of us, never knowing that we walk among them. The time has come for the Minions of Evil to arise once more and reclaim what is ours. It is time, for the Mortals to return to be the cattle they were created to be."

    - from "Scientia Maleficus" by Baron Fredrick Von Wesheilme