Hawkfire Web Design

Welcome to my website!

This page is the home of Hawkfire Web Design & Multimedia. We specialize in small business and non-profit organization websites, as well as digital photography and presentations.

The company was founded as Cougar Enterprises around 1989 by me, Doug Coughler, when I was in secondary school. It has served as a moniker for several projects over the past 12 years.

In 2001, the company became more real as actual income (not to be confused with *profit*) came in. While this will (hopefully) never be my primary source of income, it is certainly an enjoyable way to "moonlight" from my day job as a software quality control analyst.

If you have a webpage that needs to be made, or even photos, logos, or presentations that need a helping hand, feel free to contact me. Our already low rates are always negotiable. Meanwhile, take another sip of your coffee, and feel free to poke around in my home on the Web. Cheers!

If you are looking for the Hintonburg Volleyball Page, it is here.
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